Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Juozas Prunskis --Lietuva Bolseviku Okupacijoje "Lithuania Occupied by the Soviet Union"

Published by Juru Sauliu Kuopa Klaipeda, Chicago, 1979.

--June 15, 1945, in Aukstosios Panemunes district, Silenai village, NKVD solders came to a farm, made a search, and after not having found anything, decided to rape the farmer's owners daughter. The parents wanted to protect the daughter. The Russian threw him in to the well and raped the mother and daughter and then shot them.

--In the fall of 1947, in the district of Pakuonis, in Lukiskes village the sergeant major of the local Red Army unit came to farmer Drulia. Noticing the his daughter Anele he demanded to have her. When the girl refused and started to run, the Russian shot the farmer's wife his brother, a four year old child and the daughter Maria, who while wounded, he raped and then shot twice in the head. Because of these horrible events, after four days Drulia hanged himself. All of the victims are buried in the Islauzos perish cemetery.

-- On August 15 th, 1946, in Kalvarijos District, Susnykai village, a KGB platoon was searching a farm looking for freedom fighters. The whole family was ordered to lie on the floor, or they would be shot. After looting the house, the solders dragged the farmer's wife and 14-year old daughter into another room and gang raped them. The girl never recovered.

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